Stand Up with Me

To creatively address a looming assault on our civil rights in the USA, it is time right now to inspire people to stand up for what is just, our universal equal rights as humans.

Lua Hadar with Twist presents a new original song, Stand Up with Me.

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Here are the lyrics, also embedded into the video, so you can sing along with others:

Stand Up with Me by Lua Hadar; lyrics written March 2017, published June 30, 2017

Listen to me
Don’t you see
That we’re ’bout to get a beating

Please don’t hide
Be by my side
And defend the rights we’re losing

If you look in the books of history
You’ll be aware
To take care of Ourselves,
The Present and The Future

So, Stand Up with Me
Don’t you see
That’s the way to be strong?
If you Stand Up with Me
I’ll be brave; we’ll get along

Don’t let them take my rights
and I’ll protect yours defiantly
Nothing will change
if we just sit here silently

Stand Up with Me
Stand by your morals
Stand up as One

Stand by your vision,
Stand up, be heard
We’ve just begun

Stand up for Equal Rights
And our Shared Prosperity
So, Stand Up with Me
Up with Me
Stand Up with Me (oh—)

So, Stand Up with Me
Up with Me
Stand Up with Me (oh—)

So, Stand Up with Me
Up with Me
Stand Up with Me


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